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Burnett County is following a similar trend the whole state of Wisconsin is seeing – less deer are being harvested during the opening weekend, according to the preliminary data.

The WDNR (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) released their preliminary 9-day opening weekend statistics for rifle season and they showed an almost 27% reduction in reported deer killed opening weekend.

In 2018, over 120,000 deer were reportedly killed opening weekend and this year that number dropped to 90,286 across Wisconsin. In Burnett County the numbers dropped over 20% from 1,765 deer in 2018 to 1,406 this year.

Burnett County hunters killed 847 bucks and 559 antlerless deer this year and last year reported 1,060 bucks and 705 antlerless deer.

The WDNR estimates 1.8 million deer call Wisconsin home, there are more hunting opportunities than ever. For the first time in a decade, all Wisconsin counties have antlerless deer hunting opportunities thanks to the abundant deer herd.