Hog farm.tif

A concentrated animal feeding operating or CAFO is being discussed in the Town of Trade Lake. This image shows where the proposed farm will be located in Trade Lake on a 36-acre parcel.

Citizens voiced their concerns of the proposed hog farm in Trade Lake. They cited the smell, airborne bacteria and potential contamination of the water supply.

“This is not a farm, it’s a factory,” Howard Paul told the Natural Resources committee last week. “It will be a hog factory. It will produce obnoxious smells and could have lasting damage on our natural resources in Burnett County.”

The proposed CAFO, or concentrated animal feeding operation, in Trade Lake is supposed to have 7,500 sows and 200 boars. It is expected that each sow will have 30 piglets a year.

An online petition has gotten over 1,500 signatures.

The group was asking to put a moratorium in place to stop the building of the facility on a 36-acre lot on Highway 48 in the town of Trade Lake. They would like the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to do an environmental impact study and see what those results are.

Jeff Sauer from Clear View Solutions group allegedly told residents that they would be spreading manure directly on the fields if they need to.

“That waste would almost certainly turn into runoff water and then would be in our water system,” Ramona Moody said. “It will affect our lakes, rivers and streams.”

Ron Fry moved to Trade Lake from Lake Geneva and told the committee, “I would’ve never moved here if I knew they were building a CAFO here.” Fry explained he lived near a CAFO in Lake Geneva.

“The smell was terrible,” Fry said. “And I know for a fact that pig waste is way worse than dairy waste.”

Other public comments said the water quality will be in jeopardy if the CAFO is built. Other concerns were that property values will decrease if the proposed farm goes through.