The Grantsburg Village board recently received a letter from someone in the Memory Lake Campground asking if they could be allowed to drive their golf carts on all public roads.

Police Chief Jeff Schinzing explained a few years ago they changed the ordinance, so golf carts could travel from their home to the golf course and back home. He added they have not had an issue in about five years.

“This started because people from the campground were leaving and going into town. Then they would come back to the campground intoxicated,” Village clerk/treasurer Sheila Meyer said. “There were also some underage people driving the golf carts around at the time.”

When asked about the policy, Schinzing said he was in favor of sticking with their current policy.

Caylin Muehlberg pointed out the potential hazard of golf carts crossing Highway 70.

“Some of those people may not have the best judgement when attempting to cross Highway 70,” Muehlberg said. “That could be a huge problem. Someone thinks they have got the time to cross and traffic is moving faster than they think.”

The board decided not to make any changes to their golf cart policy due to safety and liability concerns.

Sticking with campgrounds, the board approved to hire a surveyor to survey the airport to see if the village can go forward with their plan to put a campground at the airport.

The surveyor is supposed to cost somewhere between $1,400 and $1,500.