Camp Burnett will not be hosting the 4-H campers this year due to COVID-19. However, UW-Extension recently announced they will not be headed back to Camp Burnett for 2021.

Camp Burnett is on Eliot Johnson Road on the eastern shore of Lake 26 on Burnett County Forest Lands, seven miles east of Danbury. The camp consists of a log lodge and seven cabins with bunk beds.

4-H has canceled all camps this summer due to COVID-19. Earlier this year UW-Extension informed the Natural Resources that they could no longer use Camp Burnett for their 4-H Camp due to state ordinances the 4-H along with UW-Extension follow.

Jake Nichols, Forest Administrator, said he did not know about 4-H no longer using the camp. He was under the impression they were only not using the camp this year for COVID-19 purposes.

“I have not heard anything about them no longer coming to Camp Burnett,” Nichols said.

Beth Rank, 4H-Youth and Families Educator with UW-Extension, explained to the committee on a Zoom call that 4-H is currently searching for a new camp for 2021. She added that the transition from Camp Burnett was due to risk management.

“The most important thing is the safety of the kids,” Rank said. She did not give exact examples of things at Camp Burnett that need to be updated.

Nichols speculated that the improvements would need to be done in the kitchen and shower area.

Supervisor Gene Olson said, “Somebody in Madison doesn’t understand camping.”

Nichols said state officials tried getting the camp shut down in the past and former State Representative Mark Pettis handled that and was able to keep the camp open.

Nichols said that people can still reserve Camp Burnett for weekend trips and weddings.