New salt shed on hold.PNG

An example of what the new salt shed would look like.

For many years the Burnett County Highway Department has had property on the end of Main Street in Grantsburg where they can store their plow truck that services state highways in Grantsburg. Michael Hoefs, the Burnett County Highway Commissioner, said this has allowed the department to be more efficient. Originally, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), was going to provide funding this year for the county to build a salt shed on their parcel of land downtown, but WisDOT moved the funding to next year.

Hoefs explained having a new salt shed will allow them to store salt closer to the routes they service so they don’t have to keep running all the way back to Siren. He said it would also save the county a lot of time and money.

“More importantly, we won’t have to abandon the area to travel to Siren to get salt. That way we can keep the plow pushing snow and applying salt when it’s needed most.”

Due to WisDOT pushing back the funding, construction of the salt shed will most likely also be delayed until next year unless WisDOT has additional funds for it to happen this year.

“Often, there are funds available after an easy winter that can be put toward these types of projects. I’m not counting on it though,” Hoefs said.

Hoefs explained to the Infrastructure Committee members Monday morning that he will also need a conditional use permit from the village for the salt shed as well as either re-zoning the lot or applying for a setback variance due to where the shed will be placed. The shed is planned to be 80’ long and 43’ wide.

“It would look just like the salt shed next to Pizza Hut in Pine City,” Hoefs said.