Tessa Zeller (left) accepts starter pack from Beth Rank for the Branstad Bucks, who were officially recognized as a new Burnett County 4-H club.

The Branstad Bucks were officially recognized as a new club as part of Burnett County 4-H. Tessa Zeller, of the Branstad Bucks, accepted the official starter set from Beth Rank, 4-H Youth and Family Development Educator.

Following the program the kids were invited into the cafeteria for another celebration and this one had cupcakes.

Last year Rank set a goal of getting 100 kids signed up for 4-H and the prize for the kids would be 100 cupcakes. So Rank brought 100 cupcakes to the Achievement Celebration and while the kids enjoyed their treat they brainstormed for what the groups next goal would be.