As the school year becomes fast approaching and the summer winds down schools are preparing for class to be back in session. In Webster, there is a new principal at the elementary school and she is more than ready and prepared for what this new school year will bring.

Walking into Webster elementary in early August the office is packed with boxes. The United Way recently sent boxes full of backpacks with supplies for the students. New principal Ashley Nagel is set to welcome the students in September.

Nagel, originally from Balsam Lake, was hired as the new principal back in May and has spent the last few months coming up with an abundance of ideas for the new school year.

She steps into the office formerly occupied by Martha Anderson who was the Webster Elementary School Principal for 27 years and retired at the end of last year.

Anderson commented on Nagel’s hiring as “a great choice” and said that she is already familiar with many of the system Webster is using including EduClimber which tracks all types of statistics on students from attendance to test scores and disciplinary history.

The two spent a pair of weeks together during summer school. She got to meet with staff and students and got acquainted on how the school operates.

Nagel spent the last six years in the Osceola school district teaching special education. Before that she taught at Northwest Passage in Frederic. She also has experience teaching math and science to fifth graders.

In college, Nagel was a double major in elementary education and math. She also has a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in family involvement, administration leadership certification for pre-K through grade 12 along with multiple certifications in children and adolescent mental health and is USA mental health first aid certified.

The transition from teacher to principal was always her goal, even though some thought it wasn’t a great idea.

“My parents didn’t want me to go into teaching, but my plan was always to transition from teacher to an administrative role.”

She had some doubts about the transition at times, but when she was finishing up her administrative courses she could feel it was the right move.

“My major goal for this year is to build relationships with the students and staff,” Nagel said.

She currently lives in the Miltown area with her husband and three boys and they operate a pumpkin farm.

Nagel concluded, “I am very excited about this new opportunity and what I can bring to the community, families, students and staff here at the elementary school.”