With school back in full swing, the Sentinel would like to invite the students of Burnett County to continue to participate in our monthly writing opportunities for a chance to be featured in the paper.

Children in the county between the ages of 7 and 18 are eligible to submit a response to our monthly writing prompt which will be posted in the paper each month. There will be two different prompts for the different age groups (7-12 and 13-18), however, if you are 11 or 12 and feel you would do better with the other prompt, you are more than welcome to try the older age’s prompt. Responses should be 200 words, and a photo submission is required with your submission.

Depending on the number of submissions received, a select few will be chosen each month to be placed in the paper and the other submissions will be placed on burnettcountysentinel.com. Remember to include your name, age and town you are from in your submission.

Articles can be submitted a few different ways. You can drop them off at the Sentinel office, mail them to P.O. box 397, Grantsburg WI, 54840 or send them via email to news@burnettcountysentinel.com.

The prompts for the month of October are:

7-12: Imagine you are so small that little rocks look like mountains and you could use flowers as beds. Write about an adventure you’d have outside. Draw/color a picture of your adventure and send it in with your story.

13-18: “If you could even begin to comprehend where I’ve come from, you would be terrified of me.” Judging from this line, write about where this character came from- who is this person? What’s their backstory? Please submit a picture of yourself to be placed with your response or create a depiction of your character through drawing.

The response to these prompts needs to be submitted no later than noon on Oct. 19.