The issue of methamphetamine is a major concern for many citizens in Burnett County. A forum will be held in Grantsburg later this month to hear from officials on what can be done to help with what some grouped into the nationwide epidemic.

The forum will be held June 20 at 5:30 in the Grantsburg Public Library. There will be a representative from U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s office that is set to be there along with State Representative Gae Magnafici is also scheduled to be there and hear from citizens on the methamphetamine problem that is continuing to grow.

The issue of methamphetamine in Grantsburg has been going on for years and there is a group of citizens that has been taking it to the Grantsburg authorities for over a year.

In May, this group came to the Grantsburg board and wanted to know what was happening with the nuisance property on N. Pine Street in Grantsburg.

“It’s shaping up to be another spring at the problem property,” Natalie Finch told the board in May. “The other day we found a number of needles, or drug paraphernalia, if you want to call it that. We are seeing increased action and heavy traffic at the, what I’ll call, known problem property.”

They first came to the board last August to voice their complaints about the property in hopes of getting the owners evicted. A petition to have the owner evicted garnered over 100 signatures.

Then in November, the owner of the nuisance property on N. Pine Street pleaded no contest to a civil public nuisance charge and was fined $114.50. Some thought that was not enough of a punishment and were worried about the consequences of having a “drug house” in a neighborhood with young families and children.

Sheriff Tracy Finch has spoken on the topic of methamphetamine a number of times.

“A lot of the issues with methamphetamine are linked to mental health,” Finch said last week. “Some people have mental illness that leads them to meth and some have mental illness from using.”

Sheriff Finch has stuck to one of her core campaign promises and promoted Mikal Anton to full-time drug detective for the sheriff’s office.