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Capt. Sidmman with McNally’s management team. (From left) Dewey Klaphake, Becky Popp, Debbie Thoreson, Amy Olson, Capt. Michael Sidman, Troy Goetz, Lori Oachs and Jim Segelstrom.

GRANTSBURG––McNally Industries welcomes many visitors throughout the year to their facility to show and explain to people all the things they do with the military.

They welcomed Captain Michael S. Sidman to the facility in Grantsburg last week for a presentation on the McNally company, what they produce and a walk-through tour of the main facility along with the new Enterprise 2.1 building.

During the presentation, Sidman recognized several weapon systems from his time overseas. He admitted he was new and still learning what all goes into various weapon systems.

He also got a first-hand look at the mortar systems McNally manufactures. This includes the 60mm, 81mm and 120mm.

At the end of the tour, Sidman was very grateful to everyone at McNally’s. He said that most people in uniform don’t know much about what these manufacturers do.

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“When we need to use these systems, it’s important they work properly, and I thank you all for that,” Sidman said. “We tend to be more focused on the mission. It’s great to know this is where it happens so we’re prepared to do our jobs.”