Masks now required as Grantsburg School reopens.jpg

With the governor’s new mask mandate, the Grantsburg School District has had to make a revision to their reopening plan with less than a month before schools reopen their doors for class.

Before Wisconsin’s mask mandate was put into effect, the district was only going to recommend that students wear face coverings while within the school, they were not going to require them. However, with the mask mandate now in effect, they are requiring students, staff and guests to wear a face covering while in the school buildings and on the busses up until the mandate is no longer in effect. At that point, it will then no longer be required, but may be highly recommended.

The district knows how uncomfortable wearing masks will be for the students and will build in ‘face covering breaks’ as appropriate to give them breaks away from wearing their masks. The school will be providing face masks for each student (at least 2 per student) and any face coverings worn from home must meet the school dress code. Exemptions from wearing masks will be evaluated on a case by case basis and parents are encouraged to contact the buildings principal where your child attends school.

Aside from the changes of the new mask requirement, there were no other changes made to the reopening plan that had been made earlier in the summer. The reopening plan passed the board with a split vote of 4-3. As the rest of the summer comes to an end, the district will continue to monitor the COVID-19 cases in the area and make changes to the reopening plan as necessary.

A few other changes that have been made to the school buildings to help stop the spread of germs for students when they come back to school is hand dryers in the bathrooms have been taken out, the water fountains have been changed to become just bottle fillers and the buildings will have hand sanitizer stations.

In other items:

• The school nurse position has been made into a full-time position to assist in managing the health and any processes surrounding COVID-19 such as contact tracing and potential contact.

• Athletic fees for the 2020-2021 school year have been waived.

• iForward is now expanding to offer grades K-5.