Details are still being clarified on a busy Memorial Day weekend for the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office, as multiple, unrelated incidents seemed to pile up for deputies, dispatchers, emergency responders and others, especially on Saturday, May 29, when law enforcement was taxed and pulled several ways at once, with a multiple-ATV/UTV crash at the same times as an armed standoff with police, while there was also a call for two missing teens. 

According to Sheriff Tracy Finch, the ATV crash took place in northeastern Burnett County at Deer Lake Road and State Highway 77, in the Town of Webb Lake. 

“There were seven ATVs involved,” Sheriff Finch said. “All but one of the ATV operators were juveniles.”

The details of the crash are still being parsed out, but the sheriff said that four of the rider/operators were transported by ambulance to hospitals and there were four citations issued. Because they were juveniles, it seems likely that names and other details may be difficult to release. It was unclear the extent or seriousness of the injuries involved.

While the ATV crash was being tended to by BCSO and other agencies, law enforcement was also called to a residence elsewhere for a call of an armed person making threats in the Town of Webb Lake.

“The other call was a woman who threatened to shoot up the residence and shoot a family member,” Sheriff Finch stated. “It came in as that. The woman was known to have a firearm, but the firearm was not displayed.”

The BCSO took the threat as very serious, and responded with specialized responders just in case, dealing with the stand-off. 

“Our Emergency Response Team was paged out due to the firearm threat,” Sheriff Finch said. “While they were assembling, the deputies on scene were finally able to make contact with the woman and talk her out of the residence without further incident … The firearm was later found in the woman’s vehicle.”

The woman’s name has not been released, and it is unclear if mental health issues were behind the incident, but it appears that the woman will be charged with a domestic disorderly conduct charge, as well as violation of a 72-hour ‘No Contact’ order, with more details emerging later.

“These incidents were both active at the same time,” Finch noted, adding that the woman had been “barricaded in a bedroom,” while also telling the Burnett County Public Safety Committee during a June 3 meeting that while those two incidents were being handled, there had also been a report of two missing teens, believed to be runaways, who were later found.

“We were being pulled in twenty different directions!” Finch told the committee.