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The Country Store in Grantsburg, ran by Darla and Cliff Harper, are looking to help make 132 kids’ Christmas days better this year with the help of their local community. That number is up 40 kids from the last holiday season.

For the 6th consecutive year, the Harpers are running their Christmas program, Kids for Christmas. This program is to help families with kids in the Grantsburg school district who may need help getting gifts for their children for Christmas. Families who registered to receive a little help this holiday season will have their kids’ gender, age, and types of toys they like placed on a tag. This tag is then placed on the Christmas tree inside of The Country Store and anyone who would like to shop for a child is able to come inside, grab a tag, register it with one of the cashiers and then shop for that child.

The shopping deadline is Dec. 18, and the families will come in to pick up the gifts for their children on Dec. 20. If you are wanting to contribute to the cause but are not wanting to shop during the COVID pandemic, Darla explained that many people also donate cash. This cash is then used towards purchasing gifts for tags that were not picked from the tree, gift wrap, tape and stocking stuffers. She said that the local Family Dollar and Dollar General are really good about giving them a discount when it comes to purchasing items for the Kids for Christmas program. If donating money is something you are interested in, you go into The Country Store and ask for Darla.

Darla said that every year the community does so much to help make the holidays special for the kids in the community. “From the bottom of our heart, we appreciate everything that people do in this town for these kids this time of year. It’s just amazing.”