Sheriff’s Deputy Olson explains to students how Tracker finds drugs in tight spaces.

WEBSTER––Tracker, the Burnett County Sheriff’s department K-9 unit went to meet with Webster 5th graders earlier this month and they finished their drug and alcohol prevention program.

“This prevention program is sponsored by the BC Department of Health and Human Services,” said Restorative Justice program coordinator, Tammy Hopke. “This is the second year that DHHS has partnered with law enforcement and gone into the schools to work with 5th graders.”

Hopke said the programs goes on for six weeks and is done at all three schools in the county. Students are presented with the facts about drugs and alcohol. She added they do not use scare tactics, but present the students with facts and provide information on how to make good choices.

“You would not believe the number of our 5th graders who have had their lives affected by someone in their families addicted to meth. It is heartbreaking,” Hopke said.

She said on the last day of class Tracker and Sheriff’s Deputy Olson come to the school for a question and answer session. Olson also explains to the students how Tracker is used to find drugs.

Lisa Slater of the Burnett County Law Enforcement Citizens Auxiliary said the kNOw METH program of Burnett County was very helpful with the program.

“The HHS department and county board feel strongly that prevention is the key to keep our youth away from drugs and alcohol,” Hopke said.

The students were also given the opportunity to wear “beer goggles” that simulate the affects of alcohol and then we’re given a kind of field sobriety test.


Webster students tried on “beer goggles” to learn and feel what being intoxicated is like.

More information on Tracker can be found on the Burnett County Law Enforcement Citizens Auxiliary Facebook page at