Grantsburg Grannies and Friends is a group for anyone that wants to support kids in the area.

The group is in their inaugural season and is welcoming grandmas, grandpas and everyone to cheer on local students.

“If you can join AARP, you can join us,” is the group’s motto. They will be meeting at the Grantsburg High School at 4 p.m. on September 19 to discuss the group and the fall season.

The goal of the group is to show up at concerts, games and other events that showcase student talents.

It was brought to the groups attention that some people cannot sit in the bleachers because they have no back on them. So local businesses have started donating seats for the elderly, so they can sit in the bleachers. 

There have also been discussions about using a school bus to haul the group to away games or events outside of Grantsburg.

Group organizers told the Sentinel the Grantsburg Grannies and Friends will eventually have a website for members to see a schedule of events. Grantsburg Grannies and Friends will also have special nights like ‘crazy hat night.’ 

There is no cost to join the Grantsburg Grannies and Friends. Anyone interested in joining the group can contact the high school for more information.