SIREN—In a prepared statement read at Monday night’s Siren school board meeting, trustee Susie Imme said she and the board’s vice president were not confident in the board’s president.

“I do not believe this is a board of seven, I believe it is a board of one or two,” Imme stated. “I am no longer confident in her leadership as president of the board.”

She concluded the letter saying it was signed by herself and school board vice president Mark Pettis.

Per Siren policy school board president Peggy Moore did not respond to Imme’s comments.

In her statement, Imme began by outlining the roles of a school board president, including representing the board of education, representing the will of the board and ensure every board member have their opinions heard.

Imme then said “in recent months it is my opinion none of these things are occurring.” She continued to breakdown recent incidents with the Siren school board.

“There was a resolution presented with no discussion with board members prior to voting,” Imme said. She appeared to be talking about the controversial resolution coming out of Wausau school district asking all school boards across the state signing on to rid schools with Native American mascots.

Imme said when she asked Moore about the resolution and why the board was not told prior to the meeting her response was that Moore believed it would pass unanimously.

However, at the October school board meeting the board voting 4-3 against joining the resolution.

She continued to allege that Moore gave an apology on behalf of the board and school district even though none of the board members were aware she was going to make any comments on the masot issue.

Imme said her statements at the last school board meeting were “inflammatory.” She also alleged Moore is “frequently making unilateral decisions under the guise of representing the board.”

Later in Monday’s meeting Imme opposed the minutes to their November meeting saying she was inaccurately paraphrased. She then provided the board with a copy of her remarks from November.