A new fishing pier with handicap accessibility is coming to the Yellow Lake Narrows.

The fishing pier will be similar to two piers at the Clam Dam Park in the town of Meenon that were built and installed in 2015. It will be a 10’x20’ pier with a concrete sidewalk that connects the pier to the parking lot and the picnic pavilion.

“The sidewalk from the pier to the pavilion will be helpful for people in wheelchairs,” Jake Nichols, Forest administrator said.

Nichols said the pier will be at the Yellow Lake Narrows and might stick about a foot out over the water. He added the pier would not interfere with the Yellow Lake bridge replacement project.

In a letter sent from Mark Koller, board member of the Yellow Lakes and River Association (YLRA), it was stated the project would be a joint effort with YLRA providing the funds and the Burnett County Forestry and Parks department will build the pier.

Nichols added that both the piers at the Clam Dam Park are heavily used and enjoyed by the public.

The Natural Resources committee approved the pier, but there was no timetable given for when the project would be completed.