Grantsburg High School

After hearing from the community that they would most likely not support a $30 million referendum, the citizen’s action committee met back up to piece together a new plan and some other options to create a lower referendum with a price tag of $17.9 million, hoping this would gain the community’s support.

The plan still includes decommission of the Nelson Primary School which will cost approximately $140,000. However, the elementary school would remain, housing early childhood through first grade while the middle school would have second through eighth grade and the high school would remain ninth through twelfth.

With this new referendum, here are some of the renovations that would be made to the school buildings remaining in commission:

Elementary: $2.8 M

• Remodel: 9,000 square feet

• Maintenance: replace doors and windows, replace outlets, fire alarm system replacement, emergency generator replacement, etc.

Middle $8.2 M

• Remodel: 9,000 square feet

• New gym: 8,000 square feet

• New classrooms: 5,600 square feet

• Maintenance: fire alarm system replacement, emergency generator replacement.

High School $6.8 M

• Remodel area: 10,000 square feet

• New secured entrance: 3,000 square feet

• Campus site work for drainage and traffic improvements

• Maintenance: Fire alarm system replacement, emergency generator replacement and update kitchen lighting.

Included in the referendum will also be the question about adding square footage to the gym being added to the middle school. Instead of it being 8,000 square feet, should it be 12,000 square feet? It would have seating for 1,200 and would cost $2,250,000. By adding the addition space, it would accommodate the additional students being added to the middle school as well as community education events and other community events.

Before the referendum goes on the ballot in April, the board and the committee will continue to review the plan. They will also need to finalize the question for the referendum that will appear on the April 6th ballot.