GRANTSBURG– The Grantsburg school board meeting April 22 focused mainly on the upcoming high school construction project, training on a new curriculum, and improving the schools’ support in the mental health field for their students.

The first order of business with the high school construction was the consideration to approve the bid for the painting of the gym. John Erickson with DSGW Architects showed the school board members bids from three different painting companies.

Steinbrecher Painting had the lowest bid and they are known to be a very reliable company, so that is the company Erickson was pursuing to do the painting.

Dave Dahlberg made the motion to approve the bid, and it was approved to move forward with Steinbrecher Painting. The walls in the gym are most likely going to be white with a black accent band.

The next order of business with the school construction was the consideration to approve the bids for new electrical and lights in the gym. Erickson showed the board members two bids, and it was the ultimate decision to go with Maurer Power who had the lowest bid of the two options.

To disconnect and reconnect the bleachers and backstops and to add new LED lights in the gym, the bid was for approximately $27,000. Dahlberg made the motion to approve the bid, and it was approved.

The last two orders of business with the gym construction in the high school was to approve a color selection for the bleachers and to approve the floor design. The final decision for the bleachers is going to be purple and the railings for the bleachers will be black.

Other color schemes and options were showed on a powerpoint, but they made the gym appear smaller. Joshua Watt helped introduce the floor plans for the gym on powerpoint, and all of the board members seemed impressed with the very bold, simplistic, nice “G” that is going to be placed in the middle.

The stain is going to be light in color with very simplistic yet bold lines for the basketball and volleyball games. Both the color for the bleachers and the floor design was approved by the board members.

Dr. Joni Burgin brought up during the meeting the fact that they had purchased a new special ed hands-on transition curriculum called Project Discovery. She went on to explain that they are “tubs of hands-on kits that cover life skills and transition work skills.”

This curriculum is going to be used in the middle school, which is where a lot of the staff had their training on the curriculum that same day of the school board meeting. Burgin believes that this curriculum could also work well for all students, and not just the special ed students.

One of the last motions of the meeting was to approve or unapproved of hiring a full-time counselor for the high school that focuses on the mental health of our students.

Watt recommended a counselor by the name of Leah Lade, who lives in Grantsburg. She holds a degree in social work and a school counseling master’s degree. Watt believes that the school would greatly benefit from having a full-time mental health counselor for our students.

He states that, “her references really spoke highly to her ability to address mental health.” Russ Erickson’s words on the motion was, “I vote we hire her.” With Renae Rombach seconding that decision, the motion was approved to create a contract with Leah Lade to be the full-time high school counselor.