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From left to right: Charley Rae King, Bev Sandberg, Roger Norenberg, Jeremy Morton, Sena Cristopherson, May Olinger, Kris Henning, Berdella Johnson.

The Grantsburg Area Historical Society Board (GAHS) would like to thank all of the wonderful people and businesses who have donated to us or given us grant monies. We have been able to accomplish many things that we very much needed for our grounds upkeep and for the advancement of our record keeping and the archiving of our historical treasures.

We received two large gifts, one from the estate of Dallas Johnson and another from a local sports group. We received two grants from Polk-Burnett Electric that we used for signs and better and safer access to our buildings, a grant from Grantsburg Telcom for painting or museum, from the Wisconsin Historical Society to purchase software and hardware for a digital management system and from Community Bank so that we are able to complete that software/hardware package that is needed to begin the many ways we can improve our archives and properties.

GAHS President Jeremy Morton said: I am thankful for everyone who helped us carry our mission forward. We have spent so many years just treading water, to be able to get the much-needed grounds maintenance done and to actually move forward with some technology for our collection management is wonderful.

GAHS VP May Olinger said: While we greatly appreciate the infusions of money, we also want to thank all those who have helped us with their yearly dues and the many ways so many have helped with our work. Volunteers are always appreciated!

Board member Kris Henning added: I am so happy that we are finally able to do some much-needed repairs to our properties, and also to start digitizing our archive records.