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As August winds down, school districts throughout the county are beginning to prepare for the new school year. Grantsburg High School has a new principal and he says he is excited to start the school year and interact with the students.

Matt Haase was hired as the new high school principal in Grantsburg. Before taking the position, he taught science (physics and chemistry) for 18 years. Two of those years were spent teaching in Hudson while the other 16 were spent teaching in Osceola. He loved to teach science because it allowed him a lot of time to interact with his students, especially when it came to labs.

It was never his goal to become a principal, but throughout his years of teaching, Haase’s leadership quality grew. He attended Viterbo University in La Crosse and completed the Principal Certification Coursework. When he saw that Grantsburg was looking for a high school principal, he jumped at the opportunity, and was excited to hear he had gotten the job.

With the school year fast approaching, Haase has been working steadily with the veteran staff at the high school to learn how everything works. He says that the staff have been really great to him and they have helped him really nail down what to expect in the upcoming year. They are going to try and keep most things running the same because Joshua Watt, the previous high school principal, had a good system going. Watt was named the district’s new superintendent in July.

After speaking more with the teaching staff, Haase explained that their main goal this year is to focus on ACT scores and the students’ three-year progression with the scores. Making sure that the students are prepared for their ACTs is very important.

Before taking the principal position, Haase had many ties in the community. His wife’s family had a cabin in Crex Meadows and spoke highly of the area while his father is a board member at Burnett Dairy and also told him many great things. Haase grew up on a Century Dairy Farm just south of Osceola, so being in a rural town is something he is quite familiar with.

Haase is not only excited for the school year to begin, he is also excited for the sports to take off. During his years teaching in Osceola, every one of them were spent also coaching three different sports, accumulating 49 seasons of coaching. He was the basketball head coach, assistant football coach and assistant track coach, so sports have always been a passion of his.

His other passion has always been to learn as much as he can about the kids in school and to build relationships with them. He is very excited to kick off the new year.

“I’m thrilled to be here, I’m thrilled that I found Grantsburg because it’s a great school and a great community.”