Grantsburg High School

GRANTSBURG––Officials of Grantsburg School District and law enforcement investigated a potential threat to the Grantsburg High School last week. This came after a number of online posts began being shared with information about a potential shooting at the school.

Grantsburg Superintendent Josh Watt told the Sentinel false claims were being made on Facebook Thursday evening. The claims came from an individual not affiliated with the school and not a current student at Grantsburg High School.

Watt explained he has heard several rumors and an abundance of speculation around the threat.

“There was no hitlist as some have said. Nothing like that,” Watt explained. “But with these situations, you have to look into things and investigate them thoroughly.”

Watt did ask police to be available if needed but there was no police officer in the school on guard the entire day.

Watt said it was to ensure the safety of the students. He added, “Thankfully, we took it seriously and made sure there was no threat,” Watt said.

He added he was ready for Monday to be a regular school day.