Grantsburg High School

The Grantsburg graduates of 2020 may just have their in-person graduation ceremony which was tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. on the evening of Friday, July 31.

At the school board meeting Monday night, the high school principal, Matt Haase, told the board that he had sent a survey out to the graduating students and the parents of the seniors to get their thoughts on a few graduation options; online versus in-person, what date they would prefer, what time they would prefer.

Haase said that the survey came back to show that both the seniors and their parents were strongly in favor of wanting to postpone graduation for later in the summer for an in-person ceremony versus having a virtual ceremony. They were also in favor of the July 31 date at 7 p.m.

After going over the results of the survey, Joshua Watt, the district superintendent, told the board about new information received from the DHS.

“Last week, all schools received a notice from the State Department of Health Services and they gave us some recommendations, or guidance, on public ceremonies like graduation and others, and it’s interesting- their first two sentences were don’t plan on a gathering this spring or summer, so they basically said a virtually ceremony.”

Watt stated that what they are getting from the state right now is that it is just not looking good to have a ceremony at any point in the summer. “It is disappointing, we know how big of an event that is for everyone- for parents, for families, and for the students, so we will keep looking, there’s always other ideas.”

Even though at the moment it is looking bleak to have an in-person graduation ceremony, Grantsburg will keep their tentatively scheduled July 31 in-person graduation date and keep an eye on continually changing state restrictions and guidelines. If restrictions are not lifted by that time, odds are there will have to be a virtual ceremony in place.

In other items

• The Senior Scholarship and Awards Reception will take place virtually, hopefully at the end of May. There is no set time or date yet, but donors have already started submitting their videos of their scholarship/award recipients.