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If you live in the Village of Grantsburg, you’re going to want to check your next water bill. Village officials decided to put information regarding the airport referendum in residents’ water bill instead of an informational meeting.

Village President Mike Longhenry said there was no need for an informational meeting and the rest of the board didn’t seem to find it important.

“If they don’t read it, it’s their fault,” Trustee Diane Barton said.

The board spent time across the summer talking about the need for a referendum. They discussed simply letting the runway go back to a grass runway and lease agreements with hangar occupants.

The explanation for the project states the blacktop runway is over 30 years old, has a large crack and is deteriorating.

At one point during the discussions stretched across multiple meetings Trustee Joe Sturdevant said the question on the ballot should be fund the airport or let the airport fall into disrepair. Other board members disagreed and the discussions continued. The explanation for the referendum does make it clear the closing of the airport is not being considered.

The Village is asking the taxpayers to fund a portion of the project that will include reconstructing the blacktop runway, taxiways and updating the runway lighting.

With the help of federal and state funds the taxpayers only need to pay about $55,000. The total for the project is $75,000 but they plan on using $20,000 from the WI CARES Act.

The question for the referendum is, “Shall the Village of Grantsburg agree to accept approximately $1,425,000.00 in Federal and State financial assistance, to reconstruct the blacktop runway, taxiways and update the runway lighting at the Grantsburg Municipal Airport at a total estimated cost to the Village taxpayers of approximately $55,000.00 ($75,000.00 less $20,000.00 WI CARES Act funding)?

The explanation of the referendum concludes with these four sentences.

“If this referendum passes and the Village Board votes to move forward with the Reconstruction Project, the work would be performed in 2022. If this referendum does not pass, the Village Board will explore other options for repairing the existing blacktop runway.

Closing the airport is not being considered!

For clarification or more detailed information, please call or stop at the Village Office.”