Grantsburg Revitalization Operation, commonly known as GRO, is in the process of completing their fitness trail that will wrap around the Grantsburg pool area.

“GROs intention is to help make Grantsburg a better place,” Kelly Gerber of GRO said. “We want the recreational fitness trail to provide a fun, healthy and safe way for community members to reach their fitness goals.”

Gerber is a member of GRO and is on the committee called COR, Community Outdoor Recreation area. This committee focuses on creating a recreational park around the pool area.

Funding through GRO for the fitness trail has been completed. The trail itself is already laid out near the pool. It has been designed for all age groups in mind.

The trail is a loop just under half a mile that can be used by runners or walkers. It will have five exercise stations laid out throughout the trail that people can use or simply use the trail.

GRO and Gerber firmly believe the fitness trail will bring many benefits to the community.

“(The fitness trail) brings health and wellness opportunity to our community. It will be another place for community members to gather and build a sense of community,” Gerber explained. “The fitness trail will be a great place for parents to go get a workout in while their kids are at a school practice or at swimming lessons.”

Along with the fitness trail, COR is looking to build a splash pad and playground in the same area. The splash pad would be a 3,000 square foot concrete pad with multiple and expandable water features. There is no standing water with the splash pad so there is no need for a lifeguard.

Nicki Peterson of GRO told the Grantsburg Village Board about their plan to first fund the trail, then the splash pad and then finally the playground.

They have the trail funded and GRO is now focused on funding the splash pad. It has an estimated budget of $250,000 for the splash pad water features, fencing with a gated entrance, concrete work and plumbing.

The playground has a budget of $150,000 and that will include the playground equipment, installation costs and shredded rubber for ground cover.

“A special thank you to the Grantsburg Village Board for allowing GRO to create a park on the village land,” Gerber concluded. “Also, a very big thank you to Chris Bartlett the public works director for all the help getting the trail designed.”

The fitness stations have been ordered and are expected to arrive by mid-July. GRO is looking for people willing to donate time to help assemble the exercise stations. They are also looking for people to help construct a kiosk at the park’s entrance. If you are interested in donating time or materials for the kiosk, you can contact Gerber at 715-463-3456.

GRO is also holding a fundraiser selling bricks that can be inscribed with names or a message to help pay for the splash pad. More information on purchasing bricks can be found at the Grantsburg Public Library, Grantsburg Village Office, Community Bank in Grantsburg or online at