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GRANTSBURG––A house near the corner of S. Oak Street and W. St. George Street caught fire after a gas line was accidentally hit and cut Monday afternoon. The gas ignited and set the house on fire.

There was no one home at the time of the fire and there were no reported injuries, according to authorities. The first call of smelling natural gas came in at 11:44 a.m. Oct.14 and the house caught fire less than ten minutes later.

Grantsburg Fire Chief Cory Barnette told the Sentinel after they found out the gas line was cut they shut down all roads in the area and turned the power off within the vicinity. Crews also evacuated one square block of houses in the area for safety purposes.

Another issue they ran into was it took almost two hours to have the gas turned off. Then once the gas was shut off they were then finally able to deal with the fire.

Barnette advises everyone that is planning any type of digging to first call Digger’s Hotline at 811 or (800)-242-8511. They will come out and paint lines for There is then a 10-day period where the lines are valid.

There was also water damage done to the Grantsburg Historical House.

“We wanted to make sure the fire didn’t spread, so it sustained some water damage,” Barnette said. He added crews cleared the scene around 2:30 p.m.

Siren Fire Department, Pine City Fire Department along with Grantsburg Police Department, the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office and the WIDNR Warden was also assisting with the fire.