SIREN––During Siren’s Village Board meeting on August 8, Chief of Police, Chris Sybers, had only good news to tell during the police report and there was an update given on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Pedestrian Trail.

Chief Sybers started off by saying that the police department has been very busy, and they have received three grants, totaling $9,000. One of the grants was from Polk-Burnett Electrical Cooperative for $1,000 and that money will be used for new computers and printers in the police cars.

Sybers brought up the fact that the police department has been very active with their drug warrants. He said, “Bad people are noticing that we are paying attention and we’re putting them in jail.” They had 17 arrests during the month of July and most of them were for drug related issues.

“It’s not just us, it’s the county, Webster P.D., every department in this county, we are all working on this. We’re all doing search warrants together.” Sybers stated that the law enforcement in the county is now doing a much better job communicating and working together on arrests, cases and warrants. President, Dave Alden, said, “It is noticeably different than it was two or three years ago.”

When it came to discussing the CDBG, Alden said that they were approved for the $1,000,000 grant to go towards the Pedestrian Trail in Siren. Teresa Anderson was at the meeting for MSA and said that within the next few weeks they should start seeing surveyors out on the streets getting measurements for the new sidewalk trail which will go from Best Western by the stoplights to Clear Lake. It will also be going to the school and the senior center.

Anderson said that by the end of September, the surveying will be done and they should have the basic layout taken care of. From there, they will then be taking care of the actual design. Bidding for the sidewalk should start in the spring of 2020 and when the project actually begins, it will take two and a half to three months to complete. She will continue to keep the board members posted on the progress of the Pedestrian Trail.