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SIREN––The Siren football was ready for the start of the season thanks to a number of donations from local businesses, Jenneman’s Hardware and Evergreen Landscaping, who donated their time to repair the Siren football field.

Siren athletic director and head football coach Ryan Karsten brought the issue of the deteriorating football field surface for the upcoming 8-player football season to the school board in June.

In April, while doing routine maintenance on the Siren Football field, a hole was found about three to four feet across and about two feet deep. It was filled in, but then another hole was created. Karsten then had the problem spot roped off.

The Siren School board was hoping to have a second referendum pass in April that would have given the school $2 million to relocate the field behind the school. Last week they discussed what can be done in the future with the field.

This has been an ongoing issue with the field for a few years. There was speculation that a river was underneath the field and the school. The board had discussed getting a survey done of the field due to the amount of sink holes

Karsten suggested going to area schools with artificial turf – Cumberland, Osceola, Rice Lake and Superior and asking them if they could rent the field out for home games. He also suggested playing football at the Siren Ballpark and even shifting the field at its current location to not have to deal with the former hole.

Karsten reached out to the community for suggestions and that is when Mike Swanson of Jenneman’s Hardware and Nate D’Jock of Evergreen Landscaping said they could help.

Karsten explained to the board that D’Jock will take care of the field and they will donate 100 percent of their time and machinery. D’Jock asked the school to cover the cost of materials, which was estimated to cost $5,800.

“They will repair an area 70 feet by 30 feet so it will be six times larger than the area of the current hole,” Karsten said in April. “It’s a better solution than going out there with a pale of sand and filling the hole.”

Karsten also spoke with Mike Swanson of Jenneman’s Hardware Hank in Siren. He said he would donate 100 percent of labor costs as well to get a sprinkler system set up on the field because the newly planted seed will need to be watered.

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The total cost of the system will be about $1600. It will include sand point well pump, irrigation hose, fittings and everything else.

“I don’t think we’re going to find a better price,” Karsten said. “I don’t have another solution,” Karsten admitted. There was an idea of moving the field to run east/west and Karsten said he would need 70 days to complete that project. “With the time table we have it is not feasible.”

At their last meeting the school board accepted the donations $750 from Jenneman’s Hardware for labor and a donation of $7,000 from Evergreen Landscaping.

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Duane Emery of the board said this patch work on the field is not in any way a permanent solution.

Siren’s next game of the season will be held Friday September 13 when the Dragons will host Mercer/Butternut.