The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will be placing a pair of monuments in Northern Burnett County to commemorate two large wildland fires.

“The purpose… is to document and educate the public on the fire history of northern Burnett County,” James Ulmaniec, of the DNR, said in an email about the monuments.

The monuments will be in the Town of Swiss on Burnett County Forest Lands. They will commemorate the Loon Creek Fire of 1947 and Fenton Lake Fire of 1961.

The Loon Creek Fire encapsulated 3,026 acres of forest and the Fenton Lake Fire covered almost 3,500 acres.

The monuments will be 12”x12”x36” monoliths with 36” concrete floor. The WDNR plans to have them completed by Nov. 2020 and they will cover all costs and maintenance for the monuments.

Ulmaniec explained to the Sentinel that there will be a kiosk at Camp Riverside to explain the historical facts of the fires.