Burnett County district attorney Joe Schieffer has resigned from his position. He held the position for 10 months.

Schieffer was appointed by former Gov. Scott Walker after former DA Bill Norrine resigned last year.

On Tuesday afternoon the DA’s office did confirm that Schieffer had given his resignation, effective immediately. The office did not have any further comment.

The Sentinel was unable to get any comment from Schieffer, but the former DA did give a statement to via text message.

“I have resigned as the Burnett County DA due to personal issues that cannot be addressed and still devote the attention to the position that is needed to serve the citizens of Burnett County. I anticipate that the next DA will be impressed with the experienced and intelligent staff currently in place. Regardless of who is in office it is my sincere belief that Jackie, Jean, Jayne, and Vickie are the backbone that will continue to serve the community. It has been an honor serving and getting to know the communities.”

The county is also slated to lose their assistant district attorney next week.

In September, Gov. Tony Evers announced there would be 60 open positions for ADAs across the state. In October, Burnett County will lose it’s ADA to Polk County.

Dan Steffen will have his office in Polk County starting Oct. 14. Burnett County was slated and hopeful to get a new ADA this year. However, some are skeptical that a new hire will come all the way up here.

Evers said, “For far too long our county district attorney offices have been doing more with less.”

Schieffer explained to the public safety committee the salary of these positions, which is just under $50,000 annually, is not enough for some prosecutors. Things like re-location and student debt make the move more difficult for young attorneys.

After Schieffer’s explanation, Supervisor Gene Olson joked, “So there’s a shortage of lawyers in the state.”