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The retaining wall may need to be replaced on Devils Lake Road.

Representatives from the Devil’s Lake Association made a presentation to the Natural Resources committee asking if they could do a study. The study would include long-term solutions for the concerns the association has for the lake.

“We want to have a 100-year solution and plan in place and not just a band-aid for this summer,” Kent Jacobson of the Devil’s Lake Association said. He has been part of the group for years and wants better access for everyone at the lake.

The group is looking to restore the boat launch, control run off and establish a better retaining wall on Devils Lake Road. They would also like to add a boat wash, similar to the one on McKenzie Lake, to avoid the spread of zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species.

Phil Johnson of CBS Squared Inc., based in Chippewa Falls, called into the meeting to explain that the survey process will take about a month and they will be able to present their findings to the committee.

The study will be funded by the Devil’s Lake Association and they believe the findings will be available by the end of May. They hope to present the information to the full county board before the budget process gets underway.

Members of the association were also hoping to work together with the county to find a solution.

“That all sounds sensible to me,” said Supervisor Ed Peterson.

Other committee members agreed that getting the study done was worth it.