Warrant Resolution Day Poster Aug 26 2019.psd

The Burnett County Government Center will hold their second warrant resolution day Aug. 16. The event is an opportunity for people with a warrant to resolve it without being arrested.

“Do you or someone you know have a Burnett County Warrant?” a flyer said. “Did you fall behind on your payments and a warrant was issued?”

Clerk of Courts Jackie Baasch announced the event earlier this summer after the first event had such a positive outcome. She told the public safety committee in April that they expected maybe five people to come in based on similar events in larger counties, like Bayfield.

The warrant resolution day in April led to over 13 individuals coming in and resolving over 20 warrants. Baasch said that some of those individuals were local, but a number of them were not from the area and some came from Minnesota.

Warrant resolution day will be held from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Government Center on Friday Aug. 16. There will be attorneys from the public defender’s office. Then an offer will be discussed with the district attorney’s office.

After that discussion the warrant holder will go into the courtroom and the case or cases may be resolved at that point. There will also be a probation agent

Baasch said that any and all warrants will be reviewed at that time.

The clerk of courts office stated, “Our goal is to provide a convenient way to resolves outstanding warrants, and if at all possible, close all cases in warrant status.”