COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Burnett County Public Health reported over 800 cases of the coronavirus, a month ago that number was 362.

Since September, Wisconsin has seen a spike in cases and rural areas are feeling it more than ever.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHS) classifies Burnett County, along with 65 other Wisconsin counties, as critically high for COVID-19 case activity.

Critically high is based on case rate per 100,000 Wisconsin residents. If the case rate is greater than 1,000 than the area is critically high.

Even though Burnett County doesn’t have 100,000 residents the WDHS suggests the Burnett County case rate is 1,845. However, the WDHS also suggests that the trajectory of the active cases could be shrinking in the coming weeks.

There are 40 counties across the state with a shrinking trajectory.

In Burnett County, to date, there have been 13 COVID-19 related deaths, 835 positive cases, 514 recovered cases, 4,785 negative cases and 393 cases currently being monitored.

Across the state, over 2.5 million have been tested. 387,235 are confirmed cases with over 2 million tests being negative for the coronavirus.

Of those positive cases about 81% have recovered with 68,774 active cases across Wisconsin.

There have been 3,313 COVID-related deaths or 0.9% of people have died after getting the virus.