The Land Use Committee members have been taping and live streaming their meetings on YouTube since January to allow the public to view the meetings live as well as have access to them in the future. There are some people in the public who initially were opposed to the idea, but Infrastructure Committee Chair, Chuck Awe, said, “Now, for the most part, the community is seeing it as beneficial.”

For Land Use, it has worked well. For this reason, Awe asked the rest of his committee members if they believed it would be beneficial for them to begin doing this for all of their supervisor meetings- the county board meetings and the committee meetings. Vice-chair Duane Johnson said he believes it would be a good idea.

“The more transparency we have to our committee to whether that’s being viewed in California or in Siren, I think it’s a great idea. Better technology.”

Johnson said he believes it’s a ‘no-brainer.’ “People should be able to stream our meetings.”

Supervisor Ramona Moody stated that she also agrees with Johnson.

One of the main reasons the Land Use meetings started live streaming their meetings on YouTube was due to the large amount of public comments devoted to campground permits over the last year.

The Burnett County Courthouse has been livestreaming court on YouTube for months in an effort to keep the court open to the public, similar to other counties across the state.

Now this discussion at the Infrastructure Committee meeting was simply just the first step to get the take on the members’ opinions. Nate Ehalt, County Administrator, stated that next, the full county board will also have a discussion in the near future.

“If a majority is in favor, staff will look into options, expense associated, and a policy surrounding the utilization of the technology and will more than likely budget for it in 2022.”