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Friday waitress Sara Gonzalez and owner Dale Bistram outside of Country Café on Main in Grantsburg.

Country Café on Main in Grantsburg has been a leading restaurant since 2016, and it now has new hours and dinner entrees to offer.

The Country Café on Main is owned by Dale Bistram. December marked the three-year anniversary since Bistram opened up the restaurant on West Madison Avenue in Grantsburg. In those three years, he has had many community members tell him that he should open up at nights, and now on Fridays and Saturdays, the Café is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“One of the reasons I did it mainly is because I saw a need for it, because where else in town can you get a soup and salad beforehand and hot steamed vegetables?”

Bistram has been selling ribs for a couple of years now, but they are one of the main dinner entrees featured on Friday and Saturday nights now. The other featured entrees are the surf n’ turf with shrimp and tender center-cut sirloin steak and the shrimp dinner. Each entrée is served with homemade bread sticks and honey butter before your meal along with a homemade soup or salad, steamed vegetables and choice of potato, with the garlic mashed potatoes being the most popular. The full menu is also available to order from during these hours. Bistram stated that breakfast items such as omelets are surprisingly very popular during these evening hours as well.

The new hours at the Café have been going great and many community members are taking advantage of them. Bistram said, “I knew I’d get a few certain regulars and stuff like that, but it’s gone better than expected.” He said it’s almost getting to the point where he needs to hire more staff members because it just gets busier and busier each week.

Staff consistency is a very important aspect to Bistram when it comes to running the County Café. He wants everything to look and taste the same and for everyone to be waited on the same, so everybody has the same great experience. He is very happy with the staff that he currently has. They establish great relationships with customers that come in and make them feel welcome.

“People feel comfortable here,” Bistram says.

Bistram is also a member of the Grantsburg Revitalization Operation (GRO) which is a group of individuals who are passionate about the future of Grantsburg. He says that he loves being a part of revitalizing Grantsburg and would like to see Grantsburg become the downtown destination that it used to be in the past.

History has always been a large interest to Bistram, and he keeps a few copies of the Café’s history for people to look at and read when they come in for some good food. He stated that the out-of-towners especially love coming in, picking up those books and reading about the history and seeing the historical photos covering the walls of the Café.

When he has the time, one of Bistram’s favorite things to do is to converse with his customers and help spread the history. “It’s fun when I get the time to sit down with the customers and I give them a tour of the walls.”

When finished learning about the history and enjoying a wonderful meal, don’t forget to try a piece of delicious pie which is homemade from scratch.