Supervisor Gary Lundberg is concerned about the number of cases in Burnett County that are being dismissed by district attorney Jim Rennicke. It has grown to the point that Lundberg wants to see Rennicke in person to discuss the volume of cases being dismissed.

“I read the newspapers and see misdemeanors and countless felony charges being dismissed by the prosecutors motion,” Lundberg said at the public safety committee meeting. “I’d like to formally request his appearance at our next meeting (Jan. 7) to get an understanding of these dismissals.”

He explained, “Why are we arresting people, sending them to jail and transporting them for their cases to be dismissed down the line.”

Other committee members agreed on having Rennicke attend the meeting.

Committee Chair Gerry Pardun said, “If he’s here he can explain it to us.”

Lundberg concluded, “there might be logical reasons for the cases being dismissed.”

Rennicke did not respond to requests for comment.