Burnett County has set aside money for events in Burnett County that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

There is a total of $25,000 in grant funds available to events or event organizers that apply with the County Administration office before Nov. 1.

“Burnett County understands the importance of special events for the economic well-being of local businesses,

community building, and attracting tourism to the area,” the county website states on an information and application page. “As part of the 2021 budget, the Burnett County Board approved $25,000 to assist local event planners whom had their events cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Funding is based on first-come first-serve basis and needs to be approved by the Administration committee. Grant requests will require at least 50% matching funds from sources other than Burnett County. There is a $5,000 maximum for the grant and once the $25,000 is exhausted, no further funds will be allocated.

Who is eligible for these grants?

• All Burnett County organizations that have held an event for at least two consecutive

years prior to 2020

• Events must be open to the general public and shall have a record of including persons

of all age demographics

• Organizations that currently receive 2021 budget approved county tax levy dollars are


What are eligible

expenses for the grants?

“Any and all expenses that are necessary for the event, with the exception of alcohol, or other non-family friendly expenses.”

Application Materials must include:

• Name of Event

o Date of event

o Brief description of event

• Number of years prior to 2020 that the event was held

• Sponsoring/Event Organizer

• Expected number of, or past number of persons attending event

• Fiscal Agent – The organization receiving the funds

• Person completing the application/event coordinator

o Phone number

o Email

o Mailing address

• Amount requested and match amount and source of matching funds

• Name of person who will sign the grant agreement upon approval of Administration

• Committee

The Burnett County website states, “All applications must be either emailed or mailed to Nate Ehalt at the Burnett County Administration Office, 7410 County Road K #116, Siren, WI. nehalt@burnettcounty.org. For questions and inquiries, please Contact Nate Ehalt at 715.349.2181 x2131.”