Residents took almost an hour to voice their opposition to an expansion of a campground in Danbury. The property is the former Houman’s Campground.

The conditional use permit (CUP) was for additional RV units and cabins at the campground that was purchased by North Camp Properties II LLC, operated by Supervisor Steve Austin and Mike Hershberger.

In a split vote of 5-2 the CUP was approved for 23 new camp sites. Following the roll call vote the spacious Highway Shop filled with boos, discouraging comments and shouts of “We’re not done yet.”

The expansion was opposed by the group Preserve the Minerva Chain. They are concerned about water quality of lakes and rivers, the campgrounds impact on area wetlands and the impact of the community’s roads and infrastructure.

“Houman’s Resort, also known as North Camp Properties II, LLC, has proposed expansion of existing RV campsites, mobile homes, cabins, storage units and associated infrastructure. The increase in use and density will significantly affect water quality, increase the spread of aquatic invasive species and degrade shore-land habitat,” said Rick Remington, the conservation director at Landmark Conservancy. “These high-density campgrounds are becoming increasingly common in the Northwoods. Without a champion to counter them, they will continue to impact Wisconsin’s precious water resources.”

Following the lengthy public hearing committee members discussed the property and the over 15 additions to the CUP for past violations that will need to be remedied and fixed in the coming months.