GRANTSBURG––The Grantsburg Public Library was full of constituents for a listening session held by State Senator Patty Schachtner. Over 50 attended the event which focused primarily on the proposed concentrated animal feeding operation or CAFO.

“I’m for water quality,” Schachtner said when asked about her stance on CAFOs. When she was pressed on the issue she added to her stance.

“I don’t understand that a village has a sewer plant for 2,000 people but not for 25,000 animals,” Schachtner said. “I just don’t understand that.”

Constituents continued to explain their concerns about air and water quality, depletion of natural resources and declining property values.

Schachtner told a story about a liquid manure spill in St. Croix County and the amount of contamination that can come from that type of accident.

She added that the government is not anti-agriculture and supports farms of all sizes.

The crowd wanted to know what else they can do because they have made this a primary concern in their lives. One woman said she doesn’t know what else to do about the CAFO issue.

“Call your representatives,” Schachtner responded. “Call them every day and then get involved with an advocacy group.”

A number of other topics were raised during the hour-long session. Those topics included water maintenance in West Marshland, gerrymandering and issues of purging voter rolls in Wisconsin. She was also questioned on why she didn’t vote for expanding care for people with mental illness.

There was a proposed mental health facility in Chippewa Falls that Schachtner voted against. She said that the update would have only included crisis beds and not more proficient care.

“The proposal was for $15 million for 22 crisis beds for three days in care,” Schachtner said. “There was nothing for before or after care.”

Schachtner represents the 10th District in the state senate which is composed of parts of Burnett, Polk, St. Croix and Dunn counties.