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(From left) Deputy Mangen with K-9 Deputy Croix, Sheriff Tracy Finch and Deputy Olson with K-9 Deputy Tracker.

We would like to introduce the Burnett County Sheriff's Office second K-9 Deputy "Croix".

K9 Croix is a one-year-old German Shepherd from Slovakia. Deputy Mangen and K9 Croix make an excellent team.

They just finished their extensive Training in: Narcotics Detection, Suspect Apprehension, Evidence recovery, Patrolling, Building Searches, Obedience, Handler protection, Tracking and Rescue by Steve Pearson at Performance Kennels in Buffalo, MN.

K9 Croix joins his buddy K9 Tracker and Deputy Olson. They both come from very strong bloodlines that were chosen for their strength and Smarts.

K9 Tracker was added to the Burnett County Sheriff's Office in 2016 and has proven to be an invaluable addition to the fight on crime and drugs in our County.

Both K9 Squads are equipped with heat sensors and Door poppers. The poppers are a device that will open the Squad door and Deploy the K9 if the Deputy is out of the Squad and needs him.

When the K9's are not working, they enjoy the comforts of home with their handlers. They are rewarded for their work with their Kong chew toy.

We would also like to thank Grantsburg Veterinary Hospital for their continuing K9 care, and Burnett Dairy Coop for continuing donation of food for this team.

The Burnett County Sheriff's Office and the Burnett County Law Enforcement Citizens Auxiliary would to thank the community members and Businesses for their continued support of this important team.

Sheriff Tracy Finch is extremely proud of this new Dynamic Duo and the positive effect they will have in our Community!

Find out more information about this Dynamic Duo on Facebook under: “Burnett County Law Enforcement Citizens Auxiliary”

Woof Woof!