The maintenance department over the last several months has been dealing with issues with the sewer system in the jail. There has been a string of incidents involving the inmates flushing various items into the system.

“We’ve been burdened this year by sewer issues.”

Faught continued to outline his ongoing issues with sewer lines this year, with most of them originating in the jail. Inmates have allegedly been intentionally clogging the drains throughout the year. The debris that has been flushed includes an abundance of toilet paper, garbage and even bed sheets.

Faught explained to the Infrastructure committee they have a new system that sends alerts to him and then he knows exactly where there is a blockage in the lines. Then his crew can locate the problem and fix it before it becomes a larger issue.

Earlier this year the jail put a hook system in place that catches debris. The hooks work similar to fishing hooks and grabs the larger items the sewer system usually does not catch.

“It has been really helpful with catching whatever it is they’re flushing down into the system,” Faught said.

The maintenance department did not report any major expenses in their 2020 budget besides a new main water pump for the government center. The new main water pump will cost $11,500.

“We haven’t any issues with it, but it’s a precautionary move,” Faught explained. “Others like it in the area have been failing and it’s 15 years old. I asked around and found out it takes about a month for a new pump to get delivered.”