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Chris Kuehn and Mary Smoliak pose in their showroom with the plaque showing Boone Docks Marine has been honored with being in the top 25 of lift and dock sales over the last three years. In 2019, they were named the number two seller among over 400 dealers.

Boating is a big business in this region. Burnett County has over 500 lakes and Boone Docks Marine in Siren was recently named a top seller in lift and dock sales by Hewitt.

Hewitt specializes in docks, lifts and pontoon legs and Boone Docks is not a stranger to the list.

Mary Smoliak is one of the owners at Boone Docks and she said that they have been in the top 10 every year over the last five years.

“We were number five in 2016, then number seven in 2017,” Smoliak said. “Then we were number six in 2018 and received the honor of number two across the country in 2019.”

That’s the second seller out of almost 400 dealers nationwide. The top dealer is in Kaukauna, Wisc. near Lake Winnebago and Lake Michigan.

Smoliak and Chris Kuehn bought Boone Docks in 2016 from TJ Swanson when the business was named TJs Marine.

“The first year we were still learning through stuff,” Kuehn said. “Now, we’re in year five and we’ve got confidence and community support.”

Boone Docks, 25208 State Highway 35, is often seen throughout the community at various events.

“We’re in the parades up here,” Smoliak said. “The Siren and Webb Lake St Patrick’s Day Parades are always a lot of fun, we pull a new pontoon through the parade and toss candy and beads.”

Kuehn and Smoliak were both working corporate jobs in the Twin Cities before opening Boone Docks, a play on words after their friends joked that Siren was in the middle of nowhere.

“We were just sick of working our corporate jobs,” Smoliak said. Kuehn had been coming to the area for over 20 years so it was the perfect place for the couple to relocate.

In their first year, an older man came in with his Johnson motor and wanted a new one.

“This 80-year-old gentleman comes in and says, ‘I’m tired of pulling on my Johnson.’ So we went and printed these,” Smoliak says as she hands over a can koozie with the phrase ‘Tired of pulling on your Johnson?’ on it.

They have a great relationship with their customers regardless of if they are locals or coming up from Iowa for the weekend.

Boone Docks sells Honda and Suzuki motors, “because those are just really good motors,” Kuehn said.

Next up for Boone Docks is updating their showroom. Smoliak explains they are in the process of having the showroom insulated.

“When it’s done we’ll have a number of our pontoons in here,” she explains. “Then we’ll have our retail section over there and we’ve got some other plans too for the future.”

For more information on merchandise and current sales visit, or find them on Facebook.