WEBSTER–The Webster Board discussed cleaning up the mobile home park at their meeting last week. Webster Mobile Home Park owner Ron Machel attended the meeting in hopes of allowing an older trailer to move back into the park.

Village President Jeff Roberts told Machel they are trying to clean things up around the village. Roberts asked Machel if he would look into removing abandoned trailers, junk cars and just overall cleaning up of the property.

Machel said he was on board with cleaning up.

“I’ll just put it this way, I wouldn’t want to live next to the park,” Machel said.

Part of the issue is the park does not have any caretaker currently. Machel said the park’s former caretaker, Joe Collins, is no longer living there.

“He was my eyes and ears,” Machel said. “John Mortenson would be on-site and the new caretaker.”

Machel explained that Mortenson’s trailer is older than ten years and used to be in Webster but moved out a few years ago. However, Mortenson is looking to move back but that would require an ordinance change.

The board approved moving Mortenson’s trailer back onto the property as long as he gets the roof fixed.

Ace Hardware addition

The board approved a conditional use permit for Webster Ace Hardware. The hardware store will be adding on to their garage.

“As our business continues to grow we are struggling with space issues at our store and are limited in growth options,” Stefan Benson of Webster Ace Hardware wrote in a letter to the village board. “This addition will give us the space needed to keep us on Main Street for the foreseeable future and keep our property clean and professional looking with as little product and equipment stored outside as possible.”

There was one citizen at the public hearing before the regular board meeting. He had issue with noise coming from the hardware store and proposed putting up a fence or some kind of noise barrier.

The board approved the fence to help prevent noise to adjacent properties.