As teachers are preparing for the upcoming school year there will be many new guidelines in place in and out of the classroom.

Siren Elementary School Principal Carrie Herman said this year will create a “big learning curve” during the upcoming school year.

Herman was speaking to the school board Monday night about discussions with the staff about the changes in the classroom. The elementary school has 26 students enrolled in virtual learning for the fall, according to Herman.

In most cases teachers will record their lessons and then upload the video to a learning platform, the district uses two separate platforms depending on the students grade, and remote learning students will view the lesson on their time.

High School Principal Darrell Imhoff told the board that due to construction in the high school teachers are unable to get into their classroom.

The building has been under construction, from the 2019 referendum, since May. A Kraus-Anderson, the architecture firm in charge of the project, representative recently told the school board everything with the project will be done by the first day of school, Sept.8, besides a few items such as sinks in the remodeled chemistry room.

The construction project from the 2019 referendum is going as according to plan. They had a representative at the meeting Monday night who said all but a few things will be completed by the first day of school, Sept. 8.

Imhoff said the teachers were anxious about the upcoming school year and it was compounded by the fact they still cannot enter their classrooms.

Herman also spoke to anxiety from the teachers. She said some teachers expressed nerves about their own health and the health of their families.

“We're asking them to do a lot,” Herman said. “But they're all ready to come back for the school year.”