Barb Anderson – Grantsburg Teacher of the Year.jpg

Each year the Grantsburg Rotary Club recognizes one of the excellent teachers from the Grantsburg School District. Barb Anderson was nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award by Grantsburg Elementary Principal, Ibby Olson. Barb brings so many gifts and talents to the Grantsburg School District. She started the 4K Little Pirates program. Barb knows how to focus on the purpose of her program, which is to build a lifelong love of learning. Barb’s classroom has a wide variety of activities. Students are given a lot of time to play and build relationships. She provides them with a “toolbox” to solve their own problems and guides them in a purposeful way through the process.

Bard is also very involved in other ways that lend to the advancement of our district, her program, and Nelson School. She is the facilitator for her 4K team and creased weekly agendas, leads book studies, and conducts a weekly meeting with her team. She not only teaches 4K and Early Childhood, but she is also a special education case manager.

Principal Ibby Olson stated that, “Barb is one of a kind and we are lucky to have her at the Grantsburg School District.”