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Recently installed artwork at the Grantsburg Public Library commemorates all the people that made the library possible.

The Grantsburg Public Library has installed a new piece of artwork for its community meeting room.

A lot of people helped make the Grantsburg Public Library what it is today, and the large meeting room has got a new addition to commemorating the Friends of the Library that made it all possible.

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Jake Hoschstelter and Mike Route from Red Iron Studio with Lena Shepherd with the piece.

Mike Route and Jake Hochstetler of Red Iron Studio in Frederic and Lena Shepherd were the artists who designed and built the piece. The piece is a long iron branch, about 12 feet long, with a number of wooden leaves with the names of Friends of the Library engraved on them.

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Grantsburg High School student Aaron Gilhoi with Tech Ed. Teacher Jeremiah Stavne.

Aaron Gilhoi, Grantsburg high school student, made the engraved wood leaves with help from tech ed teacherJeremiah Stavne.

“There are about 90 names that were all helpful in making the library what it is today,” library director Kristina Kelley-Johnson said. “We wanted a way to commemorate these individuals for all of their help.”

Route and Hochstetler enlisted a number of Frederic students to help with the ironwork. Shepherd grew up in Grantsburg that is now based in Minneapolis where she works in the design industry.

Installation of the piece began earlier this month and the piece was completed recently.

Kelley-Johnson said the library had been brainstorming what to do with the space for years and knew artwork would look good.

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Wooden leaves with Friends of the Library names engraved on them.

“We knew this meeting center would bring the community together,” Kelley-Johnson said. “Lots of people made this space possible and commemorating them with this artwork was a perfect way.”