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The Burnett County Board of Supervisors voted to open sections, previously closed, to ATV/UTV traffic. These sections are gravel road and board members discussed deterioration of the road with added ATV traffic.

“They’re probably already using it,” County Chair Don Taylor said.

Supervisor Ramona Moody brought this to the County Board earlier in the summer after she received a number of requests to have parts of County Road O to ATV traffic in Anderson.

The Town of Anderson approved the request at their September meeting for the section of the road on County Road O from Jimmy Carter Road to the St. Croix River.

Supervisor Chris Sybers pointed out increased usage of the dirt road will lead to increased damage and Supervisor Gerry Pardun explained that in the Town of Swiss when they opened the roads to ATV traffic the maintenance issues went up.

“There will be maintenance problems,” Pardun explained about gravel town roads that connect trails. “They would tear it up badly. Then we would send out the grader on the roads they would tear it up again.”

When the Board voted to open all county roads to ATV/UTV traffic this section and a section of County Road A were omitted from the list.

County Road A from State Highway 35 to Thompson Road is still closed to ATV/UTV traffic due to the high amount of vehicle traffic on that stretch of road.

Towards the end of the discussion a number of supervisors pointed out that if there are problems with County Road O the board has the ability to close the road again to ATV/UTV traffic.