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The Webster School board thanked elementary school principal Martha Anderson for her 27 years of service to the school.

Anderson was working as a guidance counselor in the district when in August 2009, former elementary school principal Jeff Walsh resigned and Anderson was chosen as the replacement for the 2009-2010 school year.

“We’re all very appreciative of the work you’ve done for the school,” school board president Mark Elliot said at Monday’s school board meeting. “Thank you for 27 years.”

He continued, “I appreciate so much how you went from guidance counselor to principal and you kept that relational approach with kids and families. The impact you’ve had on those kids and families is profound. We are blessed to have you working for us for 27 years.”

“I have been blessed to have such a great board,” Anderson replied. “You all got it and thank you for that.”

Ashley Nagel was announced as the new elementary school principal in May.

Anderson jokingly said, “I taught her everything I know in two days.”

Anderson will continue to work with Nagel two-three days a week until the end of June.