After hearing from the community that they would most likely not support a $30 million referendum, the citizen’s action committee met back up to piece together a new plan and some other options to create a lower referendum with a price tag of $17.9 million, hoping this would gain the communi…


A controversial 50-unit campground proposed in the town of Sand Lake was denied Monday following another marathon Land Use and Information meeting. An earlier draft of 150-unit campground was denied back in September.

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In the State of State address, Gov. Tony Evers talked about strengthening rural broadband and upgrading the state's unemployment system. Here is the full text from his speech from Jan. 12.

There will be five opportunities to get a free COVID-19 test in Siren through March. Drive-thru testing will be in Siren just north of the Southwinds Plaza.

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A campground planned in the Town of Swiss was denied a conditional use permit Tuesday afternoon following hours of public comments which included a letter from the town board opposing the 180-unit campground.


Burnett Medical Center recently received their first supply of the COVID-19 vaccine. The purpose was for frontline healthcare workers and the continuing care center residents earlier this month.

This weekend the winter trails had an abundance of snow allowing snowmobilers and ATV/UTV riders. However, the winter trails south of Highway 70 are now closed except the Gandy Dancer Trail.

The Village of Grantsburg has been taking steps to lower the levels of manganese in the water system. However, there are still high levels according to the EPA and WDNR.


Christmas for Kids was a little different this year, for obvious reasons, however, Interfaith Caregivers were still able to help over 100 families this holiday season as Christmas for Kids provided almost 300 area children with presents.

Judge Melissia Mogen spent her first two years on the bench to lower the caseload she was given in 2017. A second judge and courtroom could really help with that issue Mogen said.

Following a long discussion, the Burnett County Board of Supervisors approved a number of animal waste and livestock facility ordinance recommendations. The next step will be to figure out if the Land Use or Natural Resources will take up these recommendations.

Early in the morning a truck was pulled over in Webster for speeding and operating left of the center line. The driver was then cited for an 11th OWI offense, according to the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Supervisor Gary Lundberg is concerned about the number of cases in Burnett County that are being dismissed by district attorney Jim Rennicke. It has grown to the point that Lundberg wants to see Rennicke in person to discuss the volume of cases being dismissed.


“Meth is killing our county,” Judge Melissia Mogen said. “You have an addiction, but this goes above and beyond that and you sold poison to this community.”

In a move similar to Burnett County and the Village of Grantsburg, Siren has decided to close the village office to visitors until January due to COVID-19 concerns.

The bridge on North Williams Road in Wood River has a failed center pier under the bridge that helps support the bridge. There are many other piers under the bridge and since finding the failed pier there has been a 10-ton limit posted.

The Webb Lake Men’s Club recently requested horses to be barred from using their mountain bike trails.

A number of law enforcement, fire department personnel and EMS workers rushed to Sterling Road in the Town of Anderson after a suicidal man allegedly started a house on fire, according to the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office.

The Town of Wood River are expecting to have their new Town Hall up and running this Spring. Town officials are eager to move on a yet to be determined date.

Next year, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and newly elected lawmakers likely will confront the state’s toughest budget challenge since 2011. To balance the next two-year state budget, we find the state’s main fund would need to spend down its reserves by nearly $400 million even in the unlike…

COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Burnett County Public Health reported over 800 cases of the coronavirus, a month ago that number was 362.

Hunters in Burnett County had a successful preliminary nine-day opening weekend for rifle season although the total amount of deer harvested has gone down for the second straight year.

The Country Store in Grantsburg, ran by Darla and Cliff Harper, are looking to help make 132 kids’ Christmas days better this year with the help of their local community. That number is up 40 kids from the last holiday season.

Grantsburg officials have declared a state of emergency in the village and will close the village office until January.

As with many events this year, COVID –19 has required us to make adjustments. However, we still hope to make it an enjoyable beginning to the holiday season.

50 million Americans including one million Wisconsinites are expected to travel this week for Thanksgiving, almost 10% drop from last year. It is the largest drop off of Thanksgiving travelers since the Great Recession in 2008.


This week hunters of all ages, shapes and sizes will be waiting for the perfect deer to walk past and show off the trophy to their friends. In Burnett County over 1,500 deer have already been harvested thanks to early season hunts.

With gun hunting season kicking off on Nov. 21 and running until Nov. 29, the Burnett County Sentinel urges hunters to submit photos of their harvested deer. We accept photos from hunters of all ages. You can submit your photos via email to editor@burnettcountysentinel.com. Be sure to includ…


BURNETT COUNTY––The tired old trail kiosks were not a welcoming invitation to the towns along the Gandy Dancer State Trail. This became obvious to the Lake Country Pedalers (LCP), a bicycling group in Burnett County that frequently hosts casual rides annually May-October.

Burnett County continues to break daily records of new COVID-19 cases. Recently, the county reached a new record of 48 new cases in a single day.

Burnett County voted overwhelmingly for President Donald J. Trump to win re-election. As the votes continued to be counted over the weekend it was announced by several media outlets that Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral college mark.

Runway 5/23 in Meenon used to be one of the worst airport runways in the state. Now, after a full reconstruction the runway at the Burnett County Airport, should last 20 years.

Jim Jaskolka has worked for Siren in the public works department for 35 years. The village board and president recently honored him for his time working for Siren.

Grantsburg, Siren and Webster schools will all be closed until Nov. 20 after a significant increase of COVID-19 in the student, staff and residential population.

The unofficial results show that 87% of registered voters cast a ballot in this election. This is higher than the record-breaking turnout Wisconsin had.

Hunters in Burnett County can thank the great red oak acorn crop that fell last fall for the excellent shape of deer headed into this season.


Grantsburg Folk Hero Big Gust has not been in his glass case for a few weeks now. He has not left the case since first installation in 1980.

Diego Garza has been in custody at the Burnett County Jail since January 2018. He has had multiple trials set up and has had six attorneys represent him in his case including four felony charges and three misdemeanors.

In January 2021 the gray wolf will no longer be protected by the federal Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently made the announcement about the wolves how had been on the list for over 45 years.

Wisconsin relies on diverse outdoor recreation activities which bring in billions of dollars throughout all four seasons.

Falsehoods flew in all directions on Nov. 4 as the results of the presidential election hung on a razor’s edge. After former Vice President Joe Biden took an early morning lead over President Donald Trump, speculation about Wisconsin’s vote-counting process ran wild on social media.

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On Wednesday afternoon the Associated Press announced Joe Biden as the projected winner of Wisconsin. Biden is slated to receive the state's ten electoral college votes.

A number of events were cancelled this summer due to COVID-19. Both county fairs were cancelled, Memorial Day celebrations and Fourth of July celebrations were cancelled in 2020. There is a plan in place to help these events in 2021.

November 11 is a date set aside to commemorate those who have served our country. For one day, we stand united in respect to our veterans.