WEBSTER— Christine Lynn Morrison, 45, Webster, plead not guilty on August 18 to charges of first degree reckless homicide, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of manufacture/deliver heroin. Morrison had been evicted from her home due to drug use at an unknown date before the following event. 

The charges date back to December 18, 2016 when law enforcement found Morrison lying on her back on a couch located at a residence in Siren Township, the names of the homeowners were kept private. According to the criminal complaint, her son was found “unresponsive in the kitchen from an apparent overdose.” 

Law enforcement discovered on the kitchen table a used needle, a clear plastic bag containing heroin, and a burned spoon topped with residue. Upon waking, Morrison told law enforcement she and her son used heroin within the last 30 minutes.

After further questioning, Morrison admitted to having placed several used needles under the couch and that all substances and paraphernalia in the residence belonged to her. 

Her son was transported to the Burnett Medical Center and then flown to a Twin Cities hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead due to “complications of probable mixed drug toxicity.” 

An unnamed witness to Morrison’s previous drug use informed law enforcement she, the unnamed witness, drove Morrison to Minnesota earlier in the day to obtain heroin. She then mentioned she did this on multiple occasions. 

She also informed law enforcement she “observed that the defendant’s drug abuse and that of [Morrison’s son] was ‘out of control.’”

Morrison is due back in court in December.